Thursday, August 20, 2015


Hey. So, it's definitely been awhile, but, yes, it's  Lizzy. The original owner. I still occasionally go on Fantage. Seemingly, none of my closer friends are never on. The question is... do those friends even still consider me a friend? I don't know the answer to that. Just like so many people never really understood why I left Fantage, deleting this blog in the process. Some things are just truly overwhelming. I had, at that time already been on Fantage for years. How many exactly? I don't know. Maybe 2-3 at the least? That's the point. I still care about the friends that I did make with my time on Fantage. Although, sometimes, the state of being so overwhelmed leaves you breathless with so many new discoveries. I did make discoveries after leaving. I continue to make discoveries since leaving. Of course, there's the regret, there's the loss. I seriously, genuinely, want to apologize to everyone that I left in the process of leaving Fantage! I am SO sorry, I just hope that you're actually reading this. Live your life. We will always have online relationships... but don't let reality slip away and escape! It can be so harsh yet so beautiful! I really want those that I miss to know that. I am doing so well, and I just hope that you are doing the exact same! My life isn't easy; it never has been. I am achieving things that I never believed that I could. I don't believe in myself very often. We all have our flaws, things to work on. That's mine. I am completely in for the ride in finding myself. Maybe none of us ever do truly find ourselves. I have really gotten to know myself so much better, though.

Moving on to why I actually did quit Fantage and this very blog. Well, I don't know. It originally stemmed from one reason. Then, I realized that there were so many more reasons for me to quit. I never planned to quit, I didn't want to quit. It just... happened. Isn't that life, though? Things happen. Every moment... of every day. I don't particularly want to discuss the specifics though... that's something to do with people who I was actually close to. People that deserve to know.

I don't exactly know how to give some of those very people closure, though. I've briefly talked to very few of them, and I realize that not only was I somewhat hurt... so were others. I mean, what can I say? I am doing well. I am happy, I am sad. So much has changed and I don't even know where to start. Obviously, I'm older. I've become more mature, so to speak. That's why I'm doing this. Put aside the pain... I need to do this. Maybe for myself, but definitely for others. I've never fully forgotten Fantage, but I have forgotten some people. It's nothing personal. It's been about 3 years. Those people have probably changed. I know for a fact that I have. I'm not coming back to Fantage, I'm not restarting this blog any time soon. Just... never say never. I will check up on Fantage, I will check up on this blog. So many people were involved in this blog. So many people helped with this blog, grew this blog, became inspired by this blog, loved this blog. I appreciate that. I never actually knew that it would be the success that it was. I always thought that at most it would just be myself and some friends? I was so wrong about that. Thank you so much for all of your contributions. So... hey. For any chance of even partial closure... just email me at this very email address ( or comment below. I'm here if you need anyone to talk to.

It's not bye. It's cya later. Cya later, everyone.